My career began with enrollment at the Voice Actor’s Workshop of Western New York in 1998, which was mentored by Toni Silveri, a noted Los Angeles voice actor who had relocated back to New York. Through this training, I developed and honed my craft in all areas, working to strengthen my weak points, and fine tuning my strong ones. The training in this workshop was unique in the respect that all facets of the business were covered, from auditioning, preparation, diction, acting, recording, and editing, to booking work, getting an agent, marketing, and networking – useful lessons for embellishing my on-camera acting as well. As a result, this training put me ahead of the curve, and facilitated my relocation to the Los Angeles area in 2007, where I resided, developed my career, and basked in the sunshine and in that culture until 2019. Now in the coastal Georgia area, I’m looking forward to what the next chapter of my journey brings. I’ve also enjoyed a lifelong career as a touring/studio musician, beginning when I was 5 years old, and this has given me tremendous insight into my acting career, which includes featured appearances in several independent films from 2006-2013, found on IMDB.

Since 1998, my client list includes: