I create promotional content for businesses through voice and audio services at Rockingham Studio.
A successful breakthrough finds and engages your target market, compelling them to take action.
As awareness of your product or service rises, so will client expectations.

As a promo pitchman, I bring a rich, effective, decisive, and powerful voice to a product or service promotion as evidenced by the video on this page. The degree of gravitas can be adjusted accordingly to the needs or desires of the client. In this example, the client wanted his computer service promotion to have that movie trailer vibe.

Promo Demo

Who could use this service?

1) Ad Agencies – pairing an existing client with a different approach to perhaps locate a new viable target market that wasn’t heretofore considered, opening new revenue streams.

2) Car Dealerships – It’s a new day and age to try angles never before considered.

3) Video Production Companies – catering to a client that needs and prefers this type of tone for a product’s video reel.

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