IVR is a necessary communications tool for businesses large and small. Your business is unique and needs a greeting tailored to direct new and returning clients to their areas of interest. It’s the first stop on your communications ladder, and should reflect your company’s mantra, goals, outlook, and style.

Perhaps a style similar to this would suit you: 

Or maybe something deeper and richer along these lines would be more to your liking:

These are but a few choices here, but I could voice your messages any way you’d like or feel comfortable with. It could even be in a character voice, if you so choose. Something funny, scary, or anything in between. I have character voices I’d love you to peruse if you’re so inclined.

Which ever direction you choose for your business message system, I can get you up and running quickly. Simply let me know what you’d like and I’ll make it happen. I am at your service.

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